Profile  ─About Ryoki─

Hi! I'm Ryoki a female tattoo artist from Osaka, Japan.
I'm a self-taught tattoo artist.
I've been in this business since 1999
and have had my own studio,'Al-Haut' since July 2001.
It's located in a trendy area for young people in Osaka called "American villege", in Shinsaibashi.

'Al-Haut' is named after Piseces in the Arabic horoscope. I hope to appeal to people with this mysterious,exotic name.
(By the way, I'm a Pisces!!)

I accept clients only by appointment.
My clients are very important to me and I have many regulars.
Before doing any tattooing work, I have a consultation session with them to ensure that they get exactly the tattoo they want.

Since October 2011
I've been working in Germany.
If you have an interest to get tattoo from me,
please send an E-mail from Appointments page.